Selah is a word often found in the book of  Psalms and a few other places in the bible.

There are several different meanings of the word selah. Some of these meanings include

pause, end, loud strain, and silence.


Have your ever noticed the word selah in your bible reading?  Some examples include


Psalm 24 and Psalm 66

Pausing to reflect on parts of Gods word that are revealed to us in regard to our current

needs is essential to placing that word in our hearts. Romans 10:17 tells that our faith

will come by hearing the word of God. Therefore, we need to hear and read for

ourselves the word of God. His word was never meant to be read as cliff notes,

but broken down verse by verse and made applicable to our daily lives.

Where else can we take a pause to reflect on our surroundings? I think that we should all

take a daily selah. The world tells us that doing so is a waste of time, but putting that

time aside to reflect on our decisions is essential to making sure the we remain in

alignment with God’s direction for our lives. Today lets selah (pause/be in silence) and

hear His voice.


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